Heartwarming Notes

Babies In Need is an all-volunteer organization. Individually and collectively we are very grateful to be able to contribute resources and time to our mission. We don’t serve to be thanked, of course, but these heart-warming notes? They remind us that serving in this way – and seeing our efforts’ real-time impact – is a profound and glorious privilege. (Please note that the names below have been changed to protect privacy.)

Thank you very much for the baby things. We are doing well. Please pray for us to find a new home for our family.

Love, Carol, Jerry and Kim

We appreciate this organization so much! We didn’t have a lot of stuff. So thank you for this gift. It is great to see people helping each other in the community.

Love, Tiffany

Both my daughter and I are doing excellently. I am unable to describe how grateful I am for receiving the layette from Babies In Need. Without your help I wouldn’t have had anything for my daughter. Thank you.  Please pray for our continued good health. Also, for her father while he is incarcerated, and our family thereafter.


Thank you so very much for the wonderful bag of goodies you gave us. Our baby, Huston, is doing great. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.
Hugs, Carole